Natural Alternative Treatments for Mental Illnesses

Odds are that you know all about mental illness in some form or another. Whether you, yourself have one or more of these, or someone in your life does, it impacts us all and requires is to take a look at how we live our lives. If you are looking to see what options there are for medicines and mental illness, you’re going to find a lot them waiting to suck you up and compel you to use them. The reality is that a lot of these medications are very damaging and there are natural alternatives that you can consider before turning to the big companies with their chemicals. Take a look at the herbal medicine information below and also on this webpage.

herbal medicine in australia
herbal medicine in australia

Where do herbal medicine and alternative treatments come from?
These medicines and treatments are beneficial because they come to us from our history. A lot of these minerals and herbs, as well as alternative treatments, were used by our ancestors in various forms and dosages. These have been passed on to us, and we are able to use them still in our modern day to help us the same way they helped our historical family.
So, if they worked so well for them, they should be good enough for us, right? We think so. Here are some of the best herbs, minerals and alternative treatments for various mental disorders.

Mulungu Bark: This is a powerful herb that is often used for those who have anxiety. It said to help those who are looking to calm down from anything related to anxiety and it is also said to help improve brain function. It is sometimes used in patients with severe anxiety in short term situations

Bacopa: often known due to its brain boosting characteristics, this is more than just a memory aid. This is a herbal option for those who suffer from anxiety. The stress hormone, cortisol, is said to be reduced in those who use this supplement. It will also keep your brain running and in good working order, meaning you will be less likely to suffer from Alzheimers later on in life.

Mucuna pruriens: This herb is known for promoting dopamine, which means that it can often be used for those who are suffering from depression or negative thinking that lowers their mood. It helps keep the brain moving smoothly, as well, making recovery easier in some situations.

Rhodiola Rosea: This is a combination herb that works to improve your mood – great for those suffering from depression as well as being bipolar – and also works to destroy those pesky stress hormones, making it a great for those with anxiety. If you are someone with both of these conditions in some combination, you’ll find that this is a great option to consider. More info about rhodiola rosea.

Zizyphus jujuba: This is herb that is not used as often as others, but it is said that it can help as a mild relaxation aid, making it a great option for those who are needing a mild calming option for stress in some situations.

Passiflora incarnata (passionflower): This is one of the most popular herbs that is often found in tea in small servings. It is a relaxation aid, making it great for those with anxiety related to sleeping, for example. It is said to be very beneficial in adults in low doses.

Scutellaria lateriflora (skullcap): This is a mood regulator, making it great for those who have bipolar disorder or depression or suffer from suicidal thoughts. It’s a great stabilizer that can often make the difference between getting through a rough night or not.

Kava: This is the most powerful herbal supplement that you are going to find for anxiety. It is very beneficial and is said to even be as strong and helpful as the common medication brands out there that are often used.

Saffron: This neat herb tastes great and does a little bit of everything. It will regulate your mood, lower your stress levels, and give you some peace and quiet from those terrible thoughts that can intrude in your life and keep you from enjoying your day or night.

Lithium Orotate: This is a mineral that will help you respond better to stressful situations. So, while it doesn’t take stress away, it keeps you more positive in the face of it so that you can see yourself beating it and that it doesn’t consume you.

Zinc Orotate: This mineral will boost your brain power and make it so that everything is running smoothly. You’ll be able to find more relief from the mental illness from which you are suffering, which is sure to be a perk.


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If you looking for alternative treatments for depression, try magnesium supplements or acupuncture. Both will help you manage the worst symptoms. If you are looking for natural options to find a way to relieve your stress, these are the best ones.

For anxiety, try Yoga, this is said to help you find ways to manage your stress and teach yourself how to meditate during stressful situations. It is a kind of therapy that will help you find peace when you need it.

Homeopathy is the treatment recommended for those who suffer from personality disorders because your body will begin to heal properly and do what it needs to do to help you recover from the different parts of the battle between personalities.

All of these options gives you alternatives to the traditional therapies that are popular out there today. You will be able to find some relaxation and relief from the biggest mental disorders using many of these treatments or medicines, so it’s all about finding one that works for you and your lifestyle.

Don’t be afraid to go on out there and try out some new things and see if you can find one that helps you. You will be surprised just how much of a difference this can make to your quality of life and your outlook on beating your mental illness.


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